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Topaz photoFXLab Download PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

Topaz photoFXLab is a plug-in enhancements for Photoshop. However, if you do not have Adobe editor installed, you can use it as a standalone tool.

It organizes and applies effects ready to photos using an extensive library of filters products of Topaz, a developer renowned for the quality in the tools for photography.

Thus, using Topaz photoFXLab in Photoshop, you can turn the editor in a studio with presets for all occasions. To use it alone, you have the same advantages, but need to use two programs want to make any more complex assembly, as in the case of works created using the Adobe program.

To work, the Topaz photoFXLab requires you to have the OpenGL 2.1 or higher installed on your system – if your installation stop in half, just to upgrade this component to continue. This application is a library of all your filters and brushes of Topaz, bringing together in one plug your custom settings and presets, for example.

The Topaz is a photoFXLab brushes and presets library Topaz that serves as a plugin for Photoshop. However, the advantage is you can use it alone, without relying solely on the Adobe editor.

Ready effects and customizable presets

This application brings over 500 filters to your images. They are brushes texture, lighting and color effects, and more. It is possible to mix them and create other variables. That’s what makes Topaz photoFXLab as interesting plugin: you are not stuck with a ready list of presets, and you can build your custom settings for every occasion.

He works with the tools of Topaz, and this also includes other plugins you have acquired. Thus, this app also acts as an organization of library: he is a searchable hub in which to find any ready adjustment you have saved on your computer.

One of the great tools of Topaz photoFXLab is that it has a comparator before and after leaving the pictures side by side (or one above the other) and allows you to see in detail what has been changed since the beginning of the issue. Thus, it is possible to achieve a more natural result and close the original or, if you prefer something completely new.


Did you see any pictures on the internet and liked the effect, but do not know how to play it in your own image? That’s the best part of Topaz photoFXLab: he brings a tool in which you can search for effects and images and emulate what was applied in another picture on your own work. This is not as simple as it sounds, however.

Topaz photoFXLab is a tool that, for the most professional settings, need knowledge in editing. This is because it works well with the addition of ready-made effects and manual adjustment to achieve the same visual of a photo into another, with different lighting conditions and color. Thus, this is a plug directed to professionals or people who already work with image editing on a daily basis.



Collection of professional plugins for Photoshop
It works as a standalone application
Professional tools
View before and after


Not very intuitive

Download Topaz photoFXLab

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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