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Top 5 Drawback Of Moto G Which You May Know Before Buying

Are You planning to buy Moto G recenty. Wait!!!!!

The most talked Moto G may have scorched the cell phone market in India there is however a switch side to each device. The cellphone is lately available again and prior to deciding to venture out purchase of it, have a look at a few of the disadvantages. They are not many plus they aren’t serious but it is better to keep yourself informed than regret afterwards!

1) As most of know Moto G has a fixed memory and regrettably, there is no memory slot. The cellphone can be obtained only in 8 GB and 16 GB variants. So, if you are accustomed to transporting your world along with you, this is not the mobile-phone for you personally whatsoever.

Motorola Moto G 16GB And 32GB
Motorola Moto G 16GB And 32GB

2) Now the important one. Moto G has a sealed back along with a non-detachable battery (OMG). Though not just a deal-breaker, it could end up being a significant deterrent if you are certainly one of individuals accustomed to transporting spare batteries around. Don’t skip the cellphone though. Just purchase a portable charger.

3) In the 8GB phone there is no memory slot however the user available memory can also be poor. The 8 GB variant hardly gives you 5.5 GB that is very, really low, especially thinking about the photos, music and applications we enjoy load our phones with. The 16 GB is slightly better but 13.5 GB is not really likely to suffice for many customers (your case might be otherwise).

4) Motorola Moto G is really a fundamental, no extras device. Following Nexus 5, which skips the earphones within the box, Moto G doesn’t skip the earphones but rather a USB cable. While it may be absolutely ok as almost always there is an extra USB cable laying around somewhere in the home, it could certainly place a first-time buyer off.

5) Everything else could be overlooked. But never poor camera quality in today photo capturing erena. The Five Mega pixel rear finish snapper can certainly function as the deal breaker for many cam fanatics.

Else, you can always buy Moto G with his many plus sides ;).

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shahhttps://downloadshah.com
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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