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The Best VPS To Make Money in 2018 With Paid Surveys

In this post you will see the best VPS to make money online with paid surveys. This is an alternative for VPNs or proxies that many will no longer be working for now because they are easily detected. Now VPS is the solution that many may be looking for to work from home, which will also depend on you exclusively which VPS can be the best for you. So I will show you a list of which is considered today that are optimal for this task, this may be good news for those who are using the VPN to change their IP since as I told you before many accounts have been banned because of it. So if you are one of those who have been thrown out of those paid survey companies this post is for you.

How to Generate Internet Revenue With Paid Surveys

Internet businesses have become for many the preferred for American companies who have decided to know what their customers think. In order to improve their products every day which give service to many people and even animals like our pets, that they do it to increase their profits and the quality of their services or products which they offer to us as their clients, and thus increase their income exponentially.

That is why they have created these companies that pay for your opinion by paying with an income which you can charge when you reach the limit that they have implemented, being one of the main methods that start in this business world online to make money.

It must be said that for us to perform safely and multiply our profits with several paid survey company accounts, it is necessary for us to obtain a quality VPS which gives us as customers and users a higher possible yield, and same time with a minimum cost so that we can increase our profitability of this business on the internet, for this I have made this post which will speak of several VPS which will make you get more profitability with your list of paid surveys.

What are VPS and how do they work?

A VPS means virtual private server which is that we can host information and files are programs among other things in a part of a hard drive in which we can access through a Windows application these VPS are usually properly isolated for greater security and that not only is the VPS so that we can answer surveys, but there are also much more powerful vps destined for websites with abundant traffic.

Since we have the purpose of being able to answer and conduct surveys, we will not need a large amount of resources, just enough to have at our disposal a quantity of RAM that is acceptable and that has a regular storage space.

VPS versus VPN which is the best to be able to give your opinion

As you know well today there are many people who complain that they are banned from these companies what they pay for your opinion so they keep looking for which VPN is the best to be able to conduct surveys and earn money online working from home so which this new option may be the solution for you, since you can get your own virtual PC with all your words do not worry about cleaning the records as we have to do with the VPN since we constantly have to do this and it can be annoying or we can even forget to do it and we could be banned for it, with the VPS this will not happen to us.

A point in favor is that we will have a unique IP guaranteed with a low price by these companies that offer these hosting services while the vpn will tell us that they offer us a private IP but we can not know for sure if it is true.

With this VPS hosting we can run with a Windows remote connection application plus the configuration that can be a bit complicated for beginners or if we are starting recently, so this could be a negative point for this option.

VPS list for paid surveys


This option may seem a bit expensive at first impression but if you inquire a little more is not, it offers VPS for paid surveys that can be economical thanks to Google Cloud offers coupons with which we could obtain not only one but several accesses to VPS during a good time that will also depend on the amount which we are acquiring.

Google Cloud will give us a coupon of $ 300 that we could use in their VPS services for surveys for about 60 days as you know very well Google has always been characterized by its high quality at the same time that it enjoys a great popularity with a rating very high so this service is also optimal and has a nice speed for all of us I invite you to try it.


This company is probably one of the best in terms of web hosting with greater stability and a very economical price compared to others that are online, this company also allows us to earn money with paid surveys on the Internet because it also offers servers in different countries and It has an optimum 99.99% quality also which makes it one of the most recommended pay version VPS to conduct surveys paid for your opinion

They have plans that adapt to anyone with prices from $ 3.50 a month which will consist of 2 GB of RAM and 10 GB from SSD disk to 13.50 dollars per month for 8 gigabytes of RAM and 40 gigabytes of SSD.

It should be noted that not all VPS are paid as more and more companies are offering this free VPS hosting, it should be noted that this is through some form in which they monetize this service, which can have from advertising to make CPA offers so you can have your free vps.

With this it is clear to us that this OVH company is an excellent option for all those who want to earn money with paid surveys which you could use to start working from home in these polling companies.


This is a Spanish company that offers vps for surveys which are hosted in Madrid and it is excellent to work with these companies that give us money for our opinion which are hosted in Europe. Their services are characterized by offering an optimum quality and security for all its users, also has a very economical price which could be adapted to anyone who wants to make money on the internet, their plans range from $ 4.83 per month for a gigabyte of ram and 5 gigabytes of SSD and also the other that has a value of 145, 19 dollars per month With a capacity of 32 gigas of ram and 200 gigas of hard disk ssd.


This web hosting service is highly recognized because Amazon is very popular and although it is not free it offers a trial period of one year after this you can choose if you want to pay the full membership or create a new account with different data for this vps this service has a limitation of bandwidth use that has a capacity of 15 gigabyte but also the Amazon VPS can have several options and adapt to any need for users who want to work with paid surveys.

Remember that on my website you will see the complete tutorial on how to make your paid survey profile to earn money online


INDEDMEDIA is a company that has several years of experience offering high quality services at a very low cost and accessible to many people VPS are with an uptime of 99.99% their plans range from $ 3 a month for 512 megabytes of RAM and 5 GB internal disk up to $ 13 per month with a capacity of 2 gigs of ram and 40 gigabyte of an internal disk if you want to earn money with paid surveys this company is recommended but it will cost you money but you can rest easy with this option.

Free VPS for list of paid surveys (comes via email)
This is a company that already has a track record so it can be interesting for you since it has both free and high quality payment services to answer surveys, thanks to this free option you can start in the world of VPS to solve surveys and Make this a work from home.

Vps with 1 GB of ram and 50 GB ssd account, you can see it here

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