Simplify Media Free Download

Simplify Media is a very interesting tool that lets you access the playlists from iTunes or Winamp programs, and convey the music contained therein to other people through a network or Internet. You can invite up to 30 people you will receive your music via streaming,your PC or iPhone.

Installation is very simple, then you must create an account, upload music and form a private group with friends who can access the same music heard in either MP3 or formats supported by the players mentioned.

For those iPhone users who have PC in your collection, you will hear from the device using this program and a WiFi connection.

Simplify Media Download
Simplify Media 2.5 ( is the latest version (October 2009) of this software qye works for both Windows and Mac or Linux, being totally free.

Simplify Media Free Download

Simplify Media Free Download

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