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How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone

SnapChat is really a social networking platform with a good and big fan response lately. With this particular application you can just share the Pics and vids effortlessly. It is also known among the famous Video discussing application. The very best factor that the majority of us love relating to this application would be that the messages, videos or images that people send to any one of our buddies only stay online for couple of seconds once they have sent might it instantly will get erased. Lately the majority of the pro android customers are facing an issue with SnapChat. The issue is only the problem they cannot use SnapChat on their own rooted android device. So recommendations a means for you personally all those who are facing this problem. As well as in this publish we are fixing that by telling “How you are able to Run SnapChat in your rooted android device”.


How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone ?

If you possess a rooted android tool and require a way to use SnapChat even in your device, you’ll be able to simply stick to the steps below to run SnapChat on Android device. This process is really easy and to apply this process you’ll need to make use of a android wise phone that is rooted and enables to run Xposed installer. So simply stick to the techniques below to run Snapchat in your rooted Android device.

  • Once we have previously pointed out that you’ll require to possess a android phone which enables you to install the Xposed Installer. The very first factor that you’ll require to do is to Install Xposed Installer in your rooted Android device.
  • Now once you have installed Xposed Framework in your rooted android device another most significant factor that you’ll require to do to Run Snapchat in your rooted system is to get Xposed Module that Root cloak the Snapchat application. This task is essential to run SnapChat in your Android products.


  • Once you have installed the RootCloak, now you’ll need to go to Xposed installer and let this application. This application enables you to hide your application from getting root particulars.
  • Now, once you have altered everything as pointed out over the next factor that you’ll require to do is to simply reboot your android device to ensure that setting and changes from the apps produced in the above mentioned steps are applied plus they work correctly.
  • Now simply go to RootCloak application, where you’ll find a choice to add and take away apps from that. So, there you’ll be need to click might add some SnapChat application for the reason that list.


  • By doing the above mentioned step you’re going to add SnapChat to their email list of programs in your android device where root particulars aren’t proven to individuals programs for the reason that list. After which once you have saved all of them, close all the programs.
  • Also it will likely be better to reboot your android device once more once you have done all of the steps as in the above list to ensure that no application will get crashed while using the and every one of the programs in your phone works correctly.

So, in this manner you should use  SnapChat in your Rooted android device. This is actually the best and also the simplest method which you can use, to use SnapChat in your rooted products. This process is straightforward and also the only factor that you’ll require to do to use 3rd party application is to obtain a Android device that is rooted and which enables  Xposed installer to be installed.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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