How To Print A Message In My Way Mail

My Way Mail comes without those nasty ads, but when I open a message in My Way Mail, there are still many links, boxes, logos and buttons that don’t belong on a printed copy of my email. Fortunately, My Way Mail provides a special Print View that lets you print a message in genuine purity.


Features Of My Way Mail

1: My Way Mail provides integrated web-based email, calendaring and task management with free of charge.

2: The space which is provided for mails in My Way Mail is upto 1000 MB.

3: You can make Sort messages or send them automatically with custom filter or spam filter included in My Way Mail.

4: You can check external POP accounts.

How to Print a Message in My Way Mail4565465768766Instructions For Printing A Message In My Way Mail

To send an email from My Way Mail to your printer:

Step 1: Open the email you want to print in My Way Mail.

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Step 2: Click the [ Print View ] link (at the top of the message).

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Step 3: Print the browser window that opens.

How to Print a Message in My Way Mail354365465765875

Step 4: Close the Print View window to return to your message.


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