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How To Post A Resume On Indeed

When you are searching for employment, you have a copy of the resume online and able to apply can help to save job searching time. Indeed’s resume service allows job searchers to upload a current resume or produce a new resume while using resume building tool. After you have published your resume to Indeed it may be seen, edited, downloaded like a PDF, distributed to companies and used to try to get jobs.

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 How To Upload Your Resume

First, you need to sign in to or create an account if you’re not already registered. Indeed recommends uploading the following file formats: Word (.doc or docx), PDF (created from a text file, not a scanned image), RTF and TXT. Have your resume file saved in one of these file formats ready to upload on your computer. You’ll be able to edit it online once you have posted it.

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You’ll need to register to create an account, or you can login with your Facebook account.

Steps For How To Post A Resume On Indeed

Step 1: Register or Sign In to Indeed

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Step 2: Click Upload Resume

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Step 3: Select your resume file on your computer

Step 4: Your resume will be uploaded and converted to an Indeed Resume

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Step 5: Click Edit to make changes to your resume

Step 6: Click start from scratch to upload a different document

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