PHP EasyInstaller Online Installation Module For Web Application 3.2.3

PHP EasyInstaller – PHP script for making an consumer-pleasant installation wizard. PHP EasyInstaller is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-pleasant set up wizard. The script is ideal for existing and new internet applications. If you strategy to produce an application in PHP and search for a little, customizable and powerful set up module, then PHP EasyInstaller is the very best answer for you. The PHP EasyInstaller script makes the set up process as simple as achievable it may be simply custom-made for any undertaking.
The PHP EI is an outstanding instrument for world wide web developers who:
– Program to create new net applications
– Want to improve present task
– Look for a little, wise and powerful installation device
– Need a lot more time for improvement
– Want to invest much less time on providing customer set up support

PHP EasyInstaller Online

PHP EasyInstaller Online

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