Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale Free Downlaod

A million users can not be wrong! Ninja Royal is one of the top rated Android apps. Not for nothing is breaking all records of popularity, with more than 27,000 five-star ratings. This game lets you take on mighty enemies using all sorts of combos, special moves and strategic weapons combinations. Explore various objects and worlds full of rewards while participating in an ongoing series of special events: fighting against bosses, arena fights, blindly shooting competitions … Engage in conversation with other players or tideless ambushes to steal their treasures.

? combat system based on evolving touches and sliding movements.
? Each clan has its own avatar inspired by an animal, from a wasp (“Yellowjack ‘) rhinoceros (” Crash “).
? A powerful fusion weapons and improved.
? Four types of events that attract thousands of players.
? Regular updates with new weapons and features …And all are completely free!

Shine up the katana and download Ninja Royale today!

Ninja Royale belongs to Mobage, the best free social network for gamers.

 Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale

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