MSNCleaner 1.7.5 Free Download

MSNCleaner is a program that removes malwares, spywares, viruses, and Trojans that may have infected some of the programs known instant messenger like MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger .

It is common to send files between users of these applications, and are often unaware that accepts your download is actually some kind of malware, then try to spread among the other contacts. Generally there comes a link to download photos, but in reality it is an executable that contains a virus. When you receive a download link, it is recommended to ask the contact you are chatting if it really has been responsible for sending, or has been inadvertently because it was actually infected your MSN.

Among malware detects this program are the following:, Win32/VB.NKS, Trojan.Adclicker, TR/Hijack.Explor.3073,, MSN Messenger Winks, Worm.W32, W32.Mubla,, and Trojan-Downloader, and several more .

MSNCleaner 1.7.5 Download

In addition to viruses, the application is responsible for repairing action thereof, making several cleanings. For example, is responsible for restoring thehosts file in Windows, amended many times to common sites redirecting to fake sites, probably with the intention of phishing or advertising.

The MSNCleaner (MSN cleaner) 1.7.5 is the latest version (updated in May 2009), which is totally free .

MSNCleaner 1.7.5 Free Download

MSNCleaner 1.7.5 Free Download

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