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LeanDroid – Saves Battery Drain on Android Devices

Most of are battling hard to survive our battery life for longer use as battery drain is certainly the most disturbing difficulties with all portable digital products. Because of their multi-usability, large shows little form, our smartphone and tablet products frequently are unsuccessful if this involves yield acceptable battery backup in most day lengthy use. Fortunately, Android is fortunate with gifted apk developers who keep giving us custom ROMs, mods and handy applications to assist us enjoy better battery existence. Here’s one Efficient battery-saving idea by skilled control over Wi-fi compatibility, 3rd generation and Co. promises the disposable application LeanDroid for noticeably longer battery existence.


Why LeanDrive?

Our Android products come loaded with many different features, stunning screens, effective processors and great multimedia and gaming abilities. But we have to limit our activities to particular necessary things, particularly in outside use. In spite of amazing technological developments in a variety of departments, our smartphone OEMs have unsuccessful to date to provide use really lasting batteries that enables the freedom to make use of our device without ever disturbing about battery drain.

LeanDroid is really a lightweight application that instantly handles battery-hungry wireless connections to considerably enhance the battery existence of the products. It may disable Wi-fi compatibility, Cellular Data (2G, 3rd generation, LTE), and Bluetooth following a certain time using the screen off and away to conserve battery energy minimizing data usage. Connections are just disabled if on battery and when not tethering.

The disposable Android application LeanDroid monitors the information connections Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3rd generation in addition to 2G without anyone’s knowledge. Your phone is idle and inactive compounds simultaneously, the application functions corresponding switches off completely. During the day this produces a significant battery savings, which guarantees longer run time.

When you turn on screen triggers the application all data connections. You may also set an interval by which LeanDroid the hyperlinks for any brief moment on. You can purchase premium version for 1.49 euro, may also define occasions when LeanDroid completely paused.

How to Download LeanDroid?

This application requires Android OS 2.2 or higher. About the download button you will be redirect to Google Play store, allowing you to install the LeanDroid Apk.


Code for your smartphone to scan and open LeanDroid in Google Play. Our Download from Following link.

Download @ Google Play

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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