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Today we use more passwords and codes than ever . When starting the system, when we turn on the phone, to take money from the cashier, to identify Web sites where we have user account, … It is easy, with the passage of time, we end up forgetting the passwords you use less. But there is a simple solution: Keepass Password . Keepass Password is a free application with which we can manage all our user accounts in a safe manner, avoiding theft and misuse. With the application, you will have a database protected by a master key , where you can store all the data from your user account (username and password) as well as comments, or the URL of the websites you visit password.   All these data, organized and easily find classified into categories . In addition to the existing ones, the application allows the ability to create new custom categories. Another interesting option is included password generator , which made safer achieve your user accounts.   With Keepass Password never suffer theft or lose your passwords have forgotten your accounts.

Keepass Password Download


Requires installed. NET Framework.
Keepass Password Free Download

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