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How To Troubleshoot An iPhone With A Blank Screen

The iPhone is a multimedia type of smartphone which has enriched designed, manufactured and marketed by Apple. The phone enable users to surf the Internet, check email, send and receive text messages, download applications and make and receive phone calls. The phone is crammed by a AC power adapter that is inserted into a power outlet or powered from the USB drive of your computer. Consumers can experience an empty display when the phone is frozen or unresponsive. This may be the result of low battery power or need a software update.

Instructions For Troubleshoot An iPhone With Blank Screen

Instruction 1: Charge your iPhone. Hook up your phone to a electrical power socket using the provided AC adapter iPhone. The display of an iPhone is completely low in power may be blank for up to two minutes until power is restored.Fullscreen capture 9192014 45427 PM.bmp

Instruction 2:  Restart the iPhone. Click and hold the “Sleep / Wake” key on the top right of the phone. A red slider seems on the screen image. Glide your finger on the image to turn off the phone. Click and hold the “Sleep / Wake” key to turn your phone again.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 45618 PM.bmp

Instruction 3:  Check out for application updates. Connect the iPhone to your computer making use of the provided USB cable. ITunes product launches on your desktop. Click on your iPhone under “Devices” in iTunes. Click “Check for Update” under the Summary tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 45838 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 9192014 50144 PM.bmp

Instruction 4:  Call 1-800-275-2273 to Apple Support if the above solutions do not resolve your white screen. You may have a defective hardware and need to have your phone replaced. Your iPhone comes with a limited one-year warranty. A technical support specialist Apple will determine the problem, solution and any necessary repair cost.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 50843 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 9192014 50629 PM.bmp

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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