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How to Fix Windows lsass.exe file and It’s Process ?

Q)  What is lsass.exe?

-> In Microsoft Windows the “lsass.exe” file is stored in the “C:\windows\system32 or “C:\winnt\system32”  directory,Isass is short form of (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) and has the file description: LSA shell. This file is responsible to tell how Microsoft Windows handles Security  as well as Security related policies, Active Directory(AD) Management & Authority Domain Authentication on your computer.

How to Fix Windows lsass.exe file and It’s Process
How to Fix Windows lsass.exe file and It’s Process

Note: isass.exe or Isassa.exe (that is a capital ‘i‘ and not an ‘l‘), isassa.exe and  lsasss.exe are infected files.If you came accross any such type of these file on your PC or listed in the Task  Manager of your computer that means your System is infected with the “Sasser worm”.

File Details of “lsass.exe”

File Name: lsass.exe
Publisher: Microsoft.
File Path: “C:windowssystem32” or “C:winntsystem32”
Manufacturer Name: Local Security Authority Subsystem Service.

Common “lsass.exe” Errors :

– “lsass.exe system error”.
– “lsass.exe error xp startup”.
– “lsass.exe error code 255″.
– “lsass.exe high cpu server 2003″.
– “lsass.exe Failed”.
– “lsass.exe Error”.
– “lsass.exe is not running”.
– “lsass.exe file missing”.

Q) How to Repair lsass.exe ?

You might Repair/fix “lsass.exe” using repair function from your Windows  Installation CD

Method:1 :– Boot with your System with Microsoft Windows Bootable CD.
Method:2 :– Go into the Repair Section of Windows.
Method:3 :– Now change directory to the “C:windowssystem32config” (Using cd Command).
Method:4 :– Then Type: rename security security.bak Then Press Enter Key.
Method:5 :– Type: copy “C:\windowsrepairsecurity” Then Press Enter Key.
Method:6 :– Type: exit The Press Enter Key.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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