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How To Download And Install Android Apps On Blackberry

BB10 OS is a nice awesome OS having a beautiful interface and it is unique method of gesture based navigation. The only real factor where it lacks behind is the possible lack of quality applications. BlackBerry was not able to draw in designers to build up applications for his or her OS. BlackBerry understood there they added support for Android applications in BlackBerry 10 however, the procedure to operate individuals Android applications on BlackBerry device was cumbersome.  The procedure needed customers to download the Android APK, convert it to BlackBerry 10 compatible extendable (BAR) after which install through command line or utilizing a chrome extension. With BlackBerry 10.2.1 update BlackBerry introduced the opportunity to install Android applications on your BlackBerry device with no headache of conversion. You can now look for the APK online, download it after which do the installation in your phone. But, this is not so easy. Within the tutorial here we will explain How you can Install Android Applications on Blackberry Z10 or other BlackBerry device running BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS including Q10, Q5 and Z30.


How To Download And Install Android Apps On Blackberry Step By Step:

Step One: Discover the .APK for the favorite application

While its ‘happy news’ to have the ability to install Android apps on a BlackBerry 10 phone, you have to be careful of in which you might be obtaining the .APK file from. Google Play doesn’t permit you to download the setup files on another device. Regardless of the source you discover, you have to be extra careful to determine the user feedback on the standard of apps. With anybody offering .APK files on 3rd party websites, there’s the huge chance of security issues. There’s the best anxiety about adware and spyware stepping into the telephone.

A genuine advice, don’t get carried away and begin installing “cracked” versions of apps which are compensated on Android, because that’s not just a corrupt practice but additionally an enormous security risk.

Step Two: Have that .APK file onto the BB10 device

Multiple techniques to do that. First, you can open the web site that provides the download, directly through the browser within the phone. Next, you might plug the telephone towards the PC (or Mac) via USB and transfer the file towards the phone’s memory and go to install in the storage around the device. Another, and personally my personal favorite method, is by using a cloud service like Dropbox and Box. The File Manager within BlackBerry offers support for several cloud services, and you can just sync the file in the PC towards the cloud and can get on on the telephone.

Step Three: Install the .APK on BlackBerry 10

Should you downloaded the .APK through the phone’s internet browser, the Downloads window would usually prompt you asking where you can save the file. Just tap the file when it is done, and also the installation must start.

Should you have had moved the file from PC through the USB route, you’ll find it in the File Manager should you recall the exact folder held on the file in. Alternatively, make use of the phone’s search abilities by tapping the magnifier icon at the base of the house screen and kind “.apk” within the search engine. After you have situated the file within the search engine results, simply tap around the file to proceed using the installation.

When the .APK from the Android application continues to be selected, it’ll start setting up. There might be a small “processing” delay, however that will rely on the file’s size generally. On the way, you’ll have to accept the unit permissions which are needed for that application to operate (you will see a prompt for your) where you’re going to get careful analysis accept or decline.


Step Four: Discover the application

Once installed, even these Android versions will sit plus the native BlackBerry apps. Swipe left or right within the application list to determine in which the latest install sits. It is simple to slowly move the application around to some place you might find easier – simply tap and hold an application icon for a few seconds after which drag it around.

Step Five: Recovering from a possible disappointment

Yes, BlackBerry states that some Android apps will operate on BlackBerry 10. But remember, because the OS isn’t Android, the knowledge might not continually be perfect. Also, certain apps won’t run. For instance, any one of individuals theme personalization apps won’t focus on BB10. Also, a number of Google’s apps like Hangouts and Gmail might not work easily (or work on all), as these apps require Google Play Services’ access, which BB10 clearly doesn’t have.

Hopefully you’ve now learned How you can Install Android Apps on Blackberry Z10 easily. Enjoy 1000’s of Android apps in your BlackBerry Device. For those who have any issue following a procedure you can tell us within the comments section. If the tutorial labored for you personally, please also enable your buddies learn about it using our discussing option around the left want to know.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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