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How To Connect A Computer To A TV

Sometimes you’ll have something on your pc that you’d enjoy playing in your television. Maybe you’ve downloaded a movie or you have been sent a relevant video showing people of ones own that you would like to look at on the bigger screen, possibly with other people. A contemporary television is now able to linked to a desktop or laptop. This way, your pc turns into a playback device, using the TV serving as a monitor. Utilizing an High-definition multimedia interface (high-definition multimedia interface) cable may be the simplest method of doing this.

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Requirements For Your PC

  • Your pc should have a relevant video card having a TV-OUT connector.
  • The connection will usually be integrated inside your Video card and situated at the rear of your pc. You may also do that together with your laptop as the majority of them have this kind of connector.
  •  A TV-OUT connector cable is going to be blocked both in products to link these to one another. The cable could mean which line gets into and which is out, so keep in mind that you simply connect your Television set From your pc.

Requirements For Your TV Set

  • You’ll have to obtain the same type of connector for the Television set known as the television-IN or VIDEO-IN connector. However, additionally, you will need to get a LINE-OUT connector for that Soundcard.
  • If you don’t possess a correct connector for the TV, you may either make use of your VCR or perhaps an additional round connector that appears as an antenna connector device. Together with your VCR, you are able to set your TV towards the VCR funnel.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to connect your computer to your television.

Step 1: Place your laptop near the television or ensure that your desktop computer is located close enough to reach it via the HDMI cable. Make sure that both your computer and your TV are turned off.

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Step 2: At the back of your computer is an HDMI socket (see right). It looks a bit like a USB socket but isn’t rectangular. It will be labelled ‘HDMI’.

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Step 3: There’s a flap on the front or side of your TV or on the back near the power cable. Under it, you’ll find all sorts of buttons and input sockets. Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the TV via the HDMI socket you’ll find under the flap.

Step 4: Turn on your TV. Use the ‘AV’ button on the remote control to select the AV input ‘PC’.

Step 5: Turn on your computer. It will now carry out a ‘handshake protocol’ with your TV. Your TV will feed information to the computer about the format it needs in order to accept video. You should see the information from your computer appearing on your TV screen. You may need to agree a couple of changes on your computer. Use your mouse or touchpad to click on the buttons in the usual way.

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Step 6: Your TV is now your computer screen. Make sure you select the ‘Full screen’ option on your computer.

Step 7: Start the film you want to watch. Move the mouse pointer off the screen so that the ‘Play’ and ‘Pause’ buttons don’t clutter it up. But don’t worry – if you move the mouse again, they’ll reappear.

Step 8: When the film has finished, close the file that contained the film or video and shut down your computer. Unplug the HDMI cable and select a different input on your TV’s ‘AV’ button.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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