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How To Calculate Percentage Of A Number – Easy Way Explained!

Every time you have to calculate a percentage your brain goes crazy? In your mind, the numbers may circulate insanely, but you do not know how mathematical calculations should be done. Do not think that it is just limited to the students since we all know that percentages are used in our daily life, so let’s see, how to calculate the percentage of a number. Let’s see two examples, with a single number and with more than one number.

Steps to calculate the percentage of a number

The calculation of the percentage of a number is executed very frequently, just think, for example, of the discounts that are made when the sales come. What should be done in these cases? Discover all the steps to follow to calculate the percentage of a number with the example that we will explain below:

The concert ticket of your favorite band costs 30 euros, but if you buy it on a certain date, you can get a discount on the price of 20%. How much is 20% of 30? How much would you pay to take advantage of this discount?

 To calculate the percentage quickly, you simply have to take and multiply the initial number (30 euros) by the percentage number (20) and then you only need to divide the result by 100.

In our case, then: 30 × 20 = 600 → 600 ÷ 100 = 6.

20% of 30 euros are 6 euros. With the discount, therefore, the ticket would cost us 24 euros.

Steps to calculate the percentage between two numbers

Another problem that arises in the calculation of percentages is that we have to apply it to two different numbers. Let’s see this other concrete example that will help you to understand it in a simple way:

If you have a number A (for example 300), and a number of B (for example, 1500) and you want to understand what percentage of B corresponds to A. That is, if you want to calculate the relationship between the two numbers, you have to apply this formula: A: B = X: 100

In short, A is in B when X is at 100. To do the calculation, you must divide 300 by 1500 and multiply the result by 100.

Then: 300 ÷ 1500 = 0.2 → 0.2 × 100 = 20

Therefore, when doing this calculation it turns out that 300 is 20% of 1500.

I hope now you understand how the percentage calculations are done perfectly. Some are even simpler (for example when 50% discounts. I this example we only have to calculate half of the percentage amount. But for those who do not leave it is a matter of practicing and, above all, applying the formulas that we have given here.

Sahil Shah
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