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9 Best Free Hosting Solutions for Angular and React Apps (2023)

Hey, everyone! This is Sahil, and I’ve been observing a growing interest in locating free hosting options for a variety of applications, including Angular apps, React apps, and various progressive apps.

Many individuals are keen on finding platforms to host their Angular and React apps for free. This inclination can be attributed to various reasons, but two main ones are:

  1. Testing Environment: The need to establish a secure testing environment for their applications.
  2. Learning Purposes: The desire to enhance their skills and knowledge without financial commitments.

I’ve come across numerous discussions suggesting that “localhost” is a suitable option for hosting Angular and React apps. However, let’s be straightforward here; the majority of individuals are seeking web hosting solutions. Local hosting falls short of fulfilling these requirements. Whether it’s for learning or testing, deploying your app on the internet is vital; offline testing is not comprehensive.

I’m excited to introduce you to seven reputable brands that offer authenticated free hosting services.

Hold on, though! There’s actually an eighth bonus option, but you’ll need to read till the end of this post to uncover it.

For those of you seeking to host your Angular or React apps, having a solid grasp of creating their respective production builds is essential.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of building an Angular app for production and deploying it to a hosting environment, the official Angular website provides comprehensive guidance.

Similarly, for React app enthusiasts, the official React website is your go-to source for detailed information.

These seven hosting options are perfect for deploying your Web progressive apps, whether they’re Angular or React-based. Notably, these platforms are equally well-suited for hosting JavaScript-based websites.

Firebase Hosting

Firebase Hosting emerges as a frontrunner for deploying your Angular and React apps. Leveraging Firebase hosting presents distinct advantages:

Firebase offers an extensive suite of products and features, many of which are available for free.
This extensive offering contributes to Firebase’s popularity and acclaim within the developer community.
You can explore Firebase’s Spark plan, which is absolutely free, on the official Firebase website.

The Firebase Spark plan provides up to 10 GB of hosting storage and a 10 GB per month data transfer limit. Should you require more resources, Firebase’s Blaze Plan offers a flexible “pay as you go” approach.

Firebase stands out due to its free key features, such as authentication, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, In-App Messaging, and more.

Using Firebase for hosting is remarkably straightforward. Developers can navigate the Google Console for Firebase, select the hosting option from the left menu, and follow the provided instructions. Remarkably, Firebase hosting provides two free domains: and

To conclude, Firebase’s exceptional features, real-time database, and Firestore make it a noteworthy choice for hosting Angular and React apps.

Vercel / Now Hosting

Vercel, also known as Now Hosting, is a platform dedicated to deploying static or JavaScript apps.

Vercel’s integration with Git streamlines deployment, allowing JavaScript apps and static website projects to be deployed directly from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

While Vercel’s free “hobby plan” offers a basic entry point, it is limited to a single team member. For more advanced usage, including additional team members and concurrent builds, a paid plan is recommended.

Vercel supports domains like and

GitHub Pages

True to its name, GitHub Pages offers hosting through GitHub.

GitHub Pages is well-suited for hosting static HTML, JavaScript, Angular apps, React apps, and other progressive apps like Vue.js apps.

Hosting on GitHub Pages is straightforward, and individuals can have one GitHub hosting website per username. Multiple GitHub hosting websites can be established based on project names.

GitHub provides domains such as and

Angular, React, and other web progressive apps hosted on GitHub Pages can interact with servers through APIs, eliminating the need for server-side coding.

Netlify Hosting

Netlify specializes in hosting static websites and web progressive apps. It supports technologies like JAMstack (JavaScript API Markdown stack) for dynamic yet search engine-friendly websites.

Netlify’s serverless solutions include Form plugins and Authentication plugins, eliminating the need for backend database management.

Netlify offers server options for individuals, teams, and businesses, each with varying features and scalability.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a renowned cloud solution, offering virtual private servers and a plethora of features. While performance-oriented, cloud solutions like Azure can be costly, making them ideal for larger projects.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2

AWS EC2 is another cloud-based virtual private server solution, provided by Amazon Web Service. Similar to Azure, AWS EC2 offers a free trial period of 12 months, making it suitable for exploration and learning.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers various cloud instances and machine types for hosting Angular and React apps. Like Azure and AWS, Google Cloud Platform provides a free trial period for users to experiment and learn.

While not a hosting solution in the traditional sense, allows you to deploy Angular and React apps as unlimited free packages. While public packages are free, private packages require a pro plan.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3, a storage service provided by AWS, can be used to host Angular and React apps as objects. This service is limited by storage and request quotas.


In conclusion, the selection of a hosting solution hinges on the project scope and requirements. Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, AWS EC2, and Google Cloud Platform offer high scalability but may be more suitable for larger projects. Alternatively, options like Firebase, Vercel, GitHub Pages, and Netlify are excellent for smaller projects and static websites. Consider your project’s demands and budget before making your decision. Remember, the right hosting solution can significantly impact your application’s performance and success.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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