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Free Download Sleipnir Browser For PC (Windows, Mac)

Download Sleipnir Browser For PC – Sleipnir 5 Can be said as a unique browser within the Mega class. While Maxthon introduced unique designs from China, Sleipnir (pronounced slay-p-near), offers unique ideas from Japan. You heard right, a browser coded in Japan utilizing a title according to Norse mythology. There’s nothing mythical relating to this browser according to Google’s Blink engine, Sleipnir seeks to supply a “luxury” browsing experience by reinventing the browser UI and excellence of text. Launched in 2004, Sleipnir was stolen, therefore the designers needed to begin again with version 5. The initial British versions were released in Europe around 2010. Sleipnir supports Home windows/Mac Computers, apple iphone/ipad, Android and Home windows phone. Sleipnir 5 does pass the Acidity 3 make sure HTML5 test.

The tabs are the focus from the plugin exhibiting a thumbnail image. Menus are minimal around the left corner as the former address bar now known as a portal area is around the far right. Sleipnir thinks the lengthy address bar is really a factor of history. Many people see the Internet using search phrases or hyperlinks not typing website. The portal area serves exactly the same work as most address bars getting used for searching or entering website, nevertheless it’s not the focus from the plugin. Does not the word “portal area” simply make sense? It somewhat develops you whenever you consider it. A internet browser is really a portal to the web.


Using mouse gestures to navigate between pages in Sleipnir is really a different experience than other browsers. Using mouse gestures in Maxthon or Opera will basically navigate a brief history of the open tab, in Sleipnir mouse gestures navigates between your open tabs like altering sights inside a wise phone. Talking about wise phones, Sleipnir is yet another internet browser around the trend of mixing their PC browser to emulate wise phone and tablet browsing. Additionally, it supports touchscreen PC shows. My greatest complain about Sleipnir is the insufficient proper support. The website lacks enough detailed information online and it may be because converting the browser into an British version is the latest challenge. Still if you are searching for something truly new inside a web surfing experience I believe Sleipnir may be worth trying.

How to Download Sleipnir Browser For PC

You need to click the download button below and after download install it on your pc be it windows or mac.

For windows download
For Windows 7, 8, xp, vista


Version 4.5.1 | download For OS X 10.6 or later
For Mac OS X 10.6 or Later
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Sahil Shah
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