Free Download RightToClick 2.9 For Windows Xp, 7

RightToClick is a valuable Firefox include-on that makes it possible for you to eliminate all varieties irritating Javascript scripts from world wide web pages.

Have you ever desired to use the proper-click menu on a web web page, for illustration, has been disabled? RightToClick may possibly be ready to support you.Just click on the proper icon in the toolbar include-on and the menu must be accessible instantly.

Or perhaps you just want to be permitted to decide on and copy text? Yet again, this utility can do for you.RightToClick also allows you to eliminate irritating pop-ups irritating to disable people pages that do not enable you to go out and other behaviors.

This can, of program, have unintended consequences.Not all the Javascript code is hazardous and frequently in such language are implemented a lot of functions and navigation menus.Use this include-on, so with intense caution and moderation.

Free Download RightToClick 2.9 For Windows Xp, 7

Download RightToClick 2.9

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