eMuleTV Free Download

eMuleTV is a program that allows you to watch live TV because it has more than 2000 TV channels worldwide. The channel list can be grouped by country (there are 120 countries) or by category (News, Sports , Movies, Music, Business, Shopping, Weather and Other).

You can add channels to a Favorite list for faster access, and also has a search engine.

The channel update is performed automatically at startup, and also supports new channels added by the user, and for that you simply enter the URL for streaming.

You do not need any additional devices to view channels, and not have to pay anything for the service, so it is an option to watch sports channels or meet other countries.

eMuleTV 2.1 is the new version of this software to watch TV can bedownloaded for free . By default installs a toolbar in the browser, which can be removed if not interested, unchecking a box shown prior to the installation process.

eMuleTV Download

eMuleTV Free Download

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