Emote Maker Free Download

Emote Maker is a program for creating emoticons for MSNor any IM program.

Emoticons are graphics or pictures that normally represent a face that expresses a certain mood. But they can also be other shapes, such as animals.

Emote Maker lets you easily create a smiley staff, through an intuitive interface. You can add items such as eyes, mouth, whiskers, hats, wigs, etc.. available in a gallery of objects offered by the application. Supports drag & drop (dragged) to add the various elements.

It has basic graphics editing tools (rotation, setting transparency, color, brightness, etc..) To make adjustments to the image, and supports images and made to add, supporting most known image formats like GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP.

The result of the emoticon can be a still image or a moving image (animated GIF).

Emote Maker Free Download

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