Earthquake 3D Free Download

One of the world’s most destructive phenomena are earthquakes , which have a geological origin and are caused by a release of energy, due to the collision of tectonic plates or volcanic activities.   If wesee earthquakes in real time , without compromising risk our lives , from our computer monitor, we can do it thanks to Earthquake 3D , a program that offers a different perspective of the Earth, from which we can view real-time earthquakes .   program connects with the Institute of Inspection U.S. Geological (USGS) , to give us all the details, and allows us to visualize the layered globe and isolate as date and magnitude earthquakes.   Significantly, however, Earthquake 3D is a tool whose purpose is to predict future geological phenomena anywhere the world, although at first glance may seem like an application similar to Google Earth.

Earthquake 3D Download

This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor installed to install the application.

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