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DropBox Tricks – 11 Ways to Utilize Dropbox Free Space

Everyone knows About Dropbox? Isn’t it. No. Okay, Well, it’s a extremely popular, totally free storage service for the files plus much more. It is simple to host your personal website in your Dropbox account. Also, Dropbox now has authority and reliable service, proven by some time and countless customers worldwide. The truth that it’s a truly free service you need to go and subscribe to standard account. You won’t be sorry without a doubt.

Dropbox is an extremely effective regrettably the majority of the customers don’t take advantage of its services, however we’re here to educate you some methods that you simply didn’t learn about Dropbox.

1. Ways to get more space for storage on Dropbox, free of charge.

Dropbox stores your files on their own servers. You will know server rental isn’t cheap, however Dropbox gives you 2 GB of free space. You will get more free space by upgrading your bank account to business or Pro version which can cost you some dollars, but there is also extra space free of charge.

To obtain more free space you will have to refer some buddies (you’re going to get 1 GB of space per friend, and you may refer as much as 32 buddies which provides you with plus 32GB of free space), you also may follow Dropbox team on Twitter and fasten your Twitter and facebook account(that provides you with 125 MB each)

2. Easily share Big Folders and files together with your buddies.

Maybe you have desired to send a large file for your friend via email? You’ve most likely faced all individuals restrictions and frustrations. However with the Dropbox service you’ll ignore that, you’ll have the ability to share anything with anybody just by adding your folders and files for your Dropbox folder and discussing the hyperlink.

Simply right click personal files inside your public Dropbox folder, and choose “Copy Public Link”. Then you’re able to send that connect to anybody with who you need to share that file.

You may also create group folders and collaborate together with your buddies or partners. Simply produce the folder within the Dropbox and enable others to talk about it. Should you open the file within the shared folder and edit it, it will likely be up-to-date between every participants’ folder.

3. Dropbox as delivery system for sales.

It is simple to make use of the Dropbox plan to deliver some mp3 files, images or e-books that you simply offered on eBay or other e-commerce platform.

For instance, you’re author and you’ve got your blog having a description of the e-books. Some customers using their company country are curious about purchasing your e-book. So, you sell them. After finding the payment you are able to upload your book to Dropbox and provide the hyperlink towards the buyer so he is able to download it for themself.

It’s an ideal solution should you not wish to spend cash to construct your personal e-commerce website with hosting service for the books or any other files.

4. You should use Dropbox to simply access your files, wherever you’re.

Maybe you have desired to have all your files along with you in almost any time? You can now help make your dream become a reality with Dropbox. You have access to all your files on any device. The Mobile Dropbox can be obtained for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle. You’ll have an use of your files wherever you’re.

So, to gain access to your individual files from Mobile Dropbox anywhere you need to simply copy individuals files to Dropbox and they’ll be accessible on any mobile phone. Just drop your files towards the Dropbox folder on your pc and they’ll show on your smartphone, iPad and Kindle.

Also, you are able to send your files to 3rd-party computer using the Send to Dropbox feature which mixes email and Dropbox. You will get a distinctive current email address to where one can send all your files to Dropbox. All individuals files is going to be placed at Dropbox/Apps/Attachments.

5. Backup your individual important data with Dropbox.

As everyone knows, backup is an extremely important tactic to save your valuable important data. Unpredicted things can happen as well as your computer will crash, and you’ll lose all you had stored onto it. Take it easy, Dropbox can help to save all your data around the cloud service and you’ll never lose them, unless of course you delete them from Dropbox on your own. Also, some programs will look out onto Dropbox instantly, to look at your apps to determine whether there’s a Look out onto Dropbox option or otherwise.

6. Use Dropbox as photo storage.

Yet another helpful feature of Dropbox is you can utilize it to keep and manage your photos. Any image file saved to Dropbox can look within an image archive, sorted by date. You’ll have the ability to create photo albums and share some preferred pictures together with your buddies and family.

If you wish to make use of the image kept in your albums on the internet you can just drag the look to your public folder and obtain the hyperlink from it.

A fast tip: we advise you to definitely create various sub-folders inside your public folder to handle images, otherwise your public folder is a mess.

7. Host your site on Dropbox.

Maybe you have thought that you could host your individual website in Dropbox? We’ve great news for you personally, it may be easily completed with You may create and host an excellent quick website and also you don’t need to bother about domains along with other additional charges. will also support popular file extensions for example doc, docx (Microsoft Office documents), pdf and image extensions.

8. Use Dropbox plan to store all your documents at one place.

You’ll have the ability to access all your documents wherever you’re. Simply create documents folder in Dropbox and configure it as being your default documents folder between all your computer systems. You might have to get extra space for storage for those who have lots of documents, but it’s not a problem should you refer some buddies towards the Dropbox service.

Below, within the tip number 10 you’ll find details about Selective Sync. It comes down handy if you work with computer systems with small space for storage.

9. You can now sync your iTunes library involving the work and home computer systems.

You are able to play songs and videos everywhere by syncing your iTunes library with Dropbox.

To have the ability to listen your own music from iTunes library simply move it to some folder in Dropbox. Next, just hold lower the Shift key in your keyboard when you begin iTunes.  iTunes will instantly prompt you to decide the brand new location of the library, browse for your Dropbox folder and you’ll be done.

10. Avoid wasting space on small hard disk drives with Selective Sync feature.

In case your computer has small hard disk space, switch on Selective Sync. It enables you to to select which folders you need to be synced for your computer. This method could be utilized if you want to Preferences, click Advanced after which Change Configurations. You can now decide which folders is going to be synced to the pc that you’re using.

11. Support your preferred apps to Dropbox.

The majority of the apps, particularly those that work between multiple products, will backup themselves to Dropbox, if you choose Dropbox as the default backup location. You are able to setup the default backup locations within the preferences and configurations of the programs when they support which include.

I’ve attempted to backup a couple of mine favorite apps known as Scrivener and Password also it labored like no bodies business.

Hope my methods will increase your digital existence.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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