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Download ZBrush For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

ZBrush – known means of modeling three-dimensional objects from the developer’s intellectual products Pixologic. As the original principle of the work presented imitation of creating 3D-sculpture. The performance and advanced functionality provided by the implementation of the enhanced system kernel for the organization of three-dimensional rendering in real time.

As part of the application, each active pixel includes advanced information not only about its location in the two-dimensional coordinate axes, but also acquires the properties of depth by adding a new dimension in the development process of virtual objects.

Apart from the spatial parameters, the project ZBrush present the option assignment characteristics and orientation of the model simulation material. The utility provides a sufficient level of interactivity in a large number of polygons. Contains specialized algorithms to increase detail. It allows you to extend the functionality of a variety of plug-in components for various kinds of transformations.

The program is supported by an interesting and unique to ZBrush drawing mode in the so-called pseudo. Ie on a 2D polygon / surface can be painted in three-dimensional mode. The function is very useful and versatile as With it you can simulate any three-dimensional object directly in 2D mode. The essence of technology is that with this approach at each point on the plane there are still axis height above the surface – Z, the axis of the remote and it makes painted touches voluminous. This mode is useful by the fact that the system saves a lot of resources of a PC when modeling high polygon objects.


Main Features Of ZBrush

Appendix Zbrush allows you to create and “renderĀ» 3D-model. The process resembles the design process of “molding”. It combines high functionality and ease of use. It provides unit at millions of polygons, with support for a large number of brushes and other tools. Characterized by the use of their own developments, such as the replacement of pixels on piksol. Characterized by first positioning a three-dimensional grid of coordinates, instead 2D-version.

In addition to the classic scene manipulations can be performed in the mode of the canvas. Thus, users can create a model of his own, and then begin the process of editing it. The number of objects used in the mode of the canvas is not limited to what is an excellent tool for the implementation of large-scale scenes. Due to the high degree of optimization tools Zbrush, you can work with it even feeble PC.

Advantages Of ZBrush

Support high polygon
Online editing
Excellent performance
Innovative developments

Download ZBrush

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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