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Download YUMI To Boot Multiple Operating Systems

Yumi operation is as follows: You must use a USB flash drive formatted with FAT32, and to begin the installation must assign a drive letter for the flash drive (different from the existing partitions on the hard drive). Then you choose one of the distributions listed, stating the corresponding ISO route. You can add all the ISO you want and you can enter, depending on the storage capacity that has the pendrive.

Linux distributions or versions of Windows or other applications must have their corresponding ISO images stored on the USB memory itself. The same application is responsible for downloading in case the user does not have them (you must select the option “Download the ISO”), and in turn, you can add ISO files which are not covered in the list provided by Yumi (is must select the option “Try an Unlisted ISO”).

yumi download

One of the greatest benefits of this application is that it allows you to test various distributions without having to be using a Live CD or DVD for each of them as boot drive, being able to assemble it all in a single memory and use a boot menu to all.

One can find several editions of distributions best known, as is the case of Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Source or Linux Mint. Distributions below in the list are deployed the remaining profits, categorized in “Antivirus Tools”, “System Tools” and “Other Tools”. Also Yumi is the latest version, and it works only for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux. You can use it for free.

Download YUMI

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Sahil Shah
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