Download XlsToMy 2.0 For Windows Xp, 7

XlsToMy is a certain instrument to facilitate the Information Conversion from Microsoft Excel to MySQL.With speed and immediacy allows you to copy information in tables and spreadsheets into MySQL database created.Outfitted with procedures rapid and intuitive, the application also helps make achievable the conversion of large quantities of details.

A useful control panel facilitates the connection to the MySQL database via the use of host title, password, and port.After connected, the details is displayed in a plainly interpretable criterion.Amid the main specifications of XlsToMy will present the automated matching of fields and tables and the batch processing of a number of worksheets concurrently.

The records are quickly viewable at the end of the import operation.The consumer can develop ad hoc profiles to get in touch with them repeatedly when prompted.The software also offers a command line mode and the selection of scheduling tasks.

You can also count on phase by phase procedures to import information, but alternatively you can also proceed with the direct acquisition.

Download XlsToMy 2.0 For Windows Xp, 7

Download XlsToMy 2.0

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