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Download Toolwiz Time Machine

Create restore points is something essential to keep your PC free from viruses and malicious computer programs. Through them, you can make your machine “back in time” and undo some wrong action that is giving you a headache.

However, the creation of such points is not always something easy and quick to do. Some people do not learn how to perform a restore through the native Windows features and end having to ask for help for a more experienced person – something impractical, is not it?

Thinking about that Toolwiz Time Machine decided to create a completely free utility facing those seeking a more intuitive way to create and use restore points on your computer. Tracking some features opened in Toolwiz Time Freeze, the program is able to create backups every hour autonomously and facilitate the restoration process from these points automatically generated.

Creating your snapshots

There are no secrets in using Toolwiz Time Machine. When installed on your machine, the program prompts you to restart the computer and starts to run in the background, starting with Windows and hiding in the system tray. By double-clicking on its icon, you can open the general interface of the system and start creating your security backups.

Restore points on Toolwiz Time Machine are referred to as “snapshots”. You can either create them manually (by clicking the “Create New Snapshot” button) and automatically (leaving the checkbox labeled “Take a snapshot every hour” box). In the latter case, the software will create a new restore point every hour, limited to the amount of 24 backups stored.

Restoring your PC

To activate some Toolwiz Time Machine backup and restore your system, simply open again your interface, select the desired snapshot and click the “Revert my system to selected” button. You must restart your machine, and during the boot process, the program will repair Windows before actually starting it.

It is worth noting that the utility also offers a very interesting for those looking to protect your PC against misleading actions and installing malicious software resource: Time Freeze. Once activated, the feature turns your PC into a full sandbox – ie, all actions performed on the machine will be undone when the computer is turned off.


The Time Machine is a software that lives up to the good reputation of the developer Toolwiz: lightweight, practical, intuitive and free. This is perfect for those who make constant use of restore points program, as it allows the creation and use of backups in a much simpler way than with the native capabilities of Windows.

It only takes a few clicks to generate a snapshot and a maximum of ten minutes to activate them, restoring your system to perfection. The utility does not offer any kind of help documents, but fortunately they are not needed – the program interface is very minimalist and easy to understand.

The only positive we found on Toolwiz Time Machine is the fact that it automatically deletes the snapshot when it is restored – would be interesting to preserve all backup points until the user himself decides to remove them manually. Still, it pays to have the tool installed on your computer and use it in times of need.

Download Toolwiz Time Machine

Download Toolwiz Time Machine

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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