Download PowerTools Lite 1.2

PowerTools Lite is a set of resources to support you investigate what is operating on your Computer and the standard configuration of the program. The computer software is geared to consumers who want to use it for the detection, analysis and removal of malware manually. Into In the easiest case, you can use PowerTools Lite to display only certain areas of the system. A tab lists the operating processes, although other people illustrate the Windows solutions, startup plans, scheduled tasks, loaded modules, network connections are at the moment energetic, and a lot more.Into A card acts as a type of mini “REGEDIT”, whilst a the File tab is a really basic version of Explorer.Into Clicking on various products in these lists, even so, you will find some considerably a lot more sophisticated options. So, you can force the termination of a program or erase it soon right after, for example, or you will be capable to stop in a support.

Into If you need much more, there are a great deal of data for extremely low level to aid professionals detect a malware: particulars of the kernel and also a disassembler to demonstrate what is taking place in an entry level.

 Download PowerTools Lite

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