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Download Movie Edit Touch For Windows 8, 8.1

The Movie Edit Touch is a video editor for anyone who wants a little work. He brings an uncomplicated timeline and has various editing tools.

If you’re looking for an editor that allows you to use multiple pieces of videos, crop, drag the edited excerpts for other positions and other various actions, Movie Edit Touch can help.

It has creative transition effects that can be added before the beginning of the video or at the end of each cut which is made. In addition, you can fix the lighting, contrast and white balance of all individual scenes. Use the menu buttons to cut, extend, put effects and add more videos to the timeline.

In addition to videos, you can work with photos and create slideshows with the right captions, transitions and synchronized audio track. The Movie Edit Touch is a paid application, with the release of his trial has some limitations. It allows export only 10 seconds of video and can not save the projects you start editing during the demonstration.


The Touch Movie Edit is an application that provides various tools for video editing for Windows 8, including transition effects creative and well made and even the ability to manually adjust the white balance, contrast and lighting. The problem is that he showed, the tests, a bug in the display of the files.

Bug preview

In the timeline, instead of the images of each video, a preview all full of distortions can be seen. That is, you can not see quite what you are editing, or the thumbnails nor the most viewer. This is especially bad for those who are editing the colors, brightness and contrast of the video, as you can see very little of the original image.

This bug can be local, due to the version of Windows on which it was tested, but he may not have this problem because it is a trial version. Anyway, it is quite cumbersome to open all videos with Movie Edit Touch have this problem. As a result, it was almost impossible to test the quality of the manual editors color, for example.

Editing and slideshows with multiple videos

Despite the display problem, he has good tools for those who need to edit videos in a fast and convenient way, but without losing out on performance. The transition filters he has are very interesting and creative and he has enough options for the timeline.

For example, you can crop the video and change the pieces of place, in addition to using multiple files in a single project. This brings more customization to the editor, showing that he is not only a cutting tool but a program that lets you create a complete product. The ability to use photos and insert text makes it possible to create beautiful slideshows with Movie Edit Touch.

Worth it?

The Movie Edit Touch is not a professional tool, but it is definitely an editor that is worth being tested. If visual bugs can be worked around, this is a good alternative for those who want a way to gather your videos and pictures in a creative way.

Download Movie Edit Touch For Windows 8, 8.1

Download Movie Edit Touch For Windows 8, 8.1

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Sahil Shah
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