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Download LG PC Suite

LG PC Suite is the official app of the South Korean company developed to allow connection between electronic devices and computers brand, facilitating the management of multimedia content and other applications.

The program, which is also known as PC Sync, which allows you to connect your phone to your PC via USB cable or WiFi networks – since both electronics are connected to the same network.

Once connected, you are able to synchronize a wide variety of data between your handheld and your computer, including calendars, contacts, music, videos, notes and even software installed on the gadget.

More than simply synchronize this information, the LG PC Suite allows you to create, edit, delete and even play any multimedia content from the phone while working on your PC.

And that’s not all: This software also provides a mechanism for creating backups and restoring the device. That way, if your phone has problems running, you can try to recover all your information.

In addition, the LG PC Suite is one of the ways you can update the firmware on your smartphone safe and stable manner, avoiding errors of installing a new operating system.

How To Download LG PC Suite

The version of LG PC Suite can vary according to the device to be connected to it. Therefore, the download procedure requires some attention. When you press the “Click to Download” button, you are redirected to a page supporting the company.

In it, the “Sub-category” section, you must select if your gadget is a smartphone or a conventional cell (in this case you should choose “Other”). Made it, in the “Model Number”, lists all devices the pre-selected category.

Find the code for your device and click on it. Following in the section just below, are available download links for Windows and Mac (when available). Indicate the operating system of your machine and click the “Download” button in red to start the download.


LG PC Suite proved to be an interesting tool for those with some gadget from the South Korean company and would either need to have greater control of data and content stored on it.

The great advantage of this software is that it allows for a wide variety of jobs directly from the computer while you perform other activities on your PC, whether they are professionals, study or entertainment. Basically, with the LG PC Suite you can manage everything on your smartphone, up from contacts and calendar apps installed.

One of the strengths of this program is that its interface is very well organized. All functions offered are properly segmented according to their respective purposes, but that does not mean they are hidden. Quite the contrary: all resources are listed in a single column and can be accessed easily.

Allied to this, the use of very intuitive icons and complete translation of the program for the Portuguese guarantee that you have a hassle-free interaction and can be rapidly assimilated by anyone.

Furthermore, the connection performance LG PC Suite has proved very effective. With all the required applications installed, depending on the amount of content stored on the phone in a matter of minutes everything can be synchronized with the computer.

However, this program may weigh a bit for machines with more modest hardware specifications, may cause some slowness, and in extreme cases, until the locking of the operating system. However, with a PC intermediate configuration, not witnessed any of these characteristics.
Download LG PC Suite

Download LG PC Suite

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Sahil Shah
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