Download Free Gmail for iPhone 2.3

Gmail for iPhone is the official application from Google that brings all the performance of the properly-acknowledged e-mail support on all gadgets of the bitten apple.The application supports multi account (up to five) and allows you to acquire real-time notifications when you get new messages.

The consumer interface has also been developed to make sure maximum usability.For instance, due to the fact of this messages are displayed with the conversation thread.You can also see photos of the profiles inside the conversations.

Gmail for iPhone also involves a practical inner search engine with which to swiftly and very easily uncover all the messages you want.The Google application permits you to organize your mail with archiving, labels, Special, deleting and reporting spam.Do not miss also the capability to manage attachments.

Ultimately, Gmail for iPhone permits you to go through and react to posts directly from the app interactive Google+.

Download Free Gmail for iPhone 2.3

Download Gmail for iPhone 2.3

Download Free Gmail for iPhone 2.3

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