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Download Free FileMarker.NET For Windows

FileMarker.NET Free is an application with which you can customize the icons of files and their shortcuts. The idea of ​​this program is not exactly making your computer more beautiful, but to provide a visual way to organize your library of content and software.

You can set colors and figures in order to determine the priority of certain text documents or spreadsheets, for example. The FileMarker.NET Free provides eight different colors and graphics 14, which can be added to any existing icon on the PC.

The application has two modes of operation. The first allows you to change icons individually, while another allows editing of multiple shortcuts simultaneously. Another peculiarity of this program is the existence of an action that undoes all the changes recently made.

Tip of use

The operation of FileMarker.NET Free is quite simple. When you open the software, you are faced with a window divided horizontally into two parts. In the top section, you will find the field with which to select the file or the shortcut to be customized.

In turn, the bottom two tabs that target color options and graphics offered to change the icons are available. To apply a mod, all you need to do is select the desired item and press the “Apply” button.

Found it complicated? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the FileMarker.NET Free has a more agile way of use. Clicking with the right mouse button on a file, you can access an option in the context menu that directly applies the tone and required figure.


Free FileMarker.NET proved to be a good tool option for those who want or need an easier way to organize and prioritize your repository for digital content. Although this program works by changing the icons of files, it was not thought to make your home more beautiful machine, but just to help you find what you need more efficiently.

The interface of this application has great visual appeal, but this is rewarded by a good organization of its structure. All of the mechanisms provided are properly segmented according to their respective purposes.

This allows anyone to assimilate its functioning in an uncomplicated way, even those who do not speak English (the default language FileMarker.NET Free) or have no experience with this type of software.

Another positive point of this program is its low power consumption of computer resources. During our analysis, the increase in demand from both the CPU and RAM were insignificant, indicating that it can run on machines with more modest hardware configurations without causing slowdowns or crashes.

Moreover, the FileMarker.NET Free offers a feature that undoes all changes made automatically. This pleased us a lot, because it prevents you from getting lost while selecting a file by file and removing the changes made manually.

While we recommend that you give it a chance to FileMarker.NET Free, it is worth mentioning that the variety of colors and graphics to customize the icons is not the greatest. Thus, more demanding fans can have the feeling of being a little limited.
Free FileMarker.NET

Download Free FileMarker.NET For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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