Download FolderSynch For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

FolderSynch is a freeware instrument for synchronization of folders and files in the Windows atmosphere. Simplicity and directness of Use constitute the items of biggest value. It also supports file comparison and is best for backing up your data with the support of the criterion full or differential. To highlight the distinctions in between the folders, the system employs a color code to tag files. The green is equivalent to an improve, the red and the blue to a cancellation to a new file.
FolderSynch has a friendly interface, suitable for any category of end users to comprehensive duties in a couple of methods. After a swift set up, startup, the primary window permits you to specify the locations of the supply and destination folders. A click on a button does and start the synchronization of data. The tool is also capable to scan folders to make reports, complete upgrades, rename or move files. They also apply filters to discriminate the files in the folders of reference. Ultimately, duties can be created to greater organize the operate of management of synchronization and backup.
Download FolderSynch

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