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Download Apache HTTP Server 2.2

Apache 2 is the newest and greatest edition of the Apache server, the architecture of which consists of substantial enhancements more than the 1.3 series, amongst which we can mention:

  • multiprocessing modules, implies that Apache can be configured as a server-based mostly processes.
  • protocol modules make it feasible to write modules for non-HTTP protocols, this kind of as POP3 for mail or FTP for file transfer.
  • Apache 2 retains the 1.three modular architecture with the addition of a additional extension mechanism of the filters.

Apache 2 performs fine on both Windows and Unix platforms thanks to the Apache Transportable Runtime (APR), which abstracts the differences in between working techniques, this kind of as API or network accessibility to the files.

As the module API is related in both versions, they are not identical and Apache 1.3 modules require to be ported to the new architecture.The version 2.2.3 introduces a number of fascinating innovations on the front of authorizations based on mod_authn_alias kind of caching for the memories, a system of load balancing, a new management API, new assistance for files more substantial than 2Gb .
In addition, the new module mod_proxy_ajp Apache JServ supports the protocol utilized by Tomcat Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.

Download Apache HTTP Server 2.2

Download Apache HTTP Server 2.2

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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