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Download AMD Clean Uninstall Utility For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

AMD Clean Uninstall Utility is a simple application that, as its name suggests, is to uninstall the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) products are present on your computer.

So, if you were not able to make action by Windows, can now rely on an alternative tool for the job.

The program is able to remove the video card drivers, audio, USB, chipsets, and other related software such as Hydravision. The application is extremely light, even as active and can be used even in more modest machines without any problems or crashes.

Initial Notices

CAUTION: Before you begin the procedure, fit some warnings. First, it is possible that the program runs out removing any items that may damage your data, so it is essential that you make a backup of your computer before submitting it to the process to avoid potential problems if it happens.

The changes go into effect only after you restart your computer. Thus, the procedure is over, you still need to perform this step.

Excluding drivers

Only those who have passed the situation can not uninstall a driver knows how this can be very frustrating. There are a number of reasons that could cause this to happen, as is the case of this application on the computer does not appear in the Windows uninstall or when you change some items in your motherboard tool list.

The idea uninstal Clean Utility AMD is bringing a product that can help you remove old drivers and software from AMD. It need not be installed, running directly from the downloaded file. Even when performing the action you may notice that the program does not have an interface itself, displaying only a message window.

Initially, it is explained that the program will remove all applications from AMD during the procedure and you must click “OK” to continue. Then, the application is immediately run, a task that may take a few moments, varying according to the amount of existing drivers on your computer.

Once the operation is completed, a new message window informs you that the process is over and in it, you can access the generated report by clicking “View Report”. There, you can view the actions performed and the obtained errors (if any occurred).


AMD Clean Uninstall Utility is a very specific tool, designed only to make the removal of products from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) present on your computer. However, it should reinforce that you are dealing with drivers and it is vital that you make a backup of your data before you run it, avoiding potential problems.

It can be a great solution to remove programs that do not appear in the list of Windows uninstall or remove “debris”, even for those cases where you want to reinstall the driver or apply a more current version, ensuring best results. Although the program can seem intimidating for not owning a inrterface, its use is very simple, so that even beginners have no problems.

That’s because you just run it and indicate that you want to perform the procedure. But here, it is another warning: be aware that absolutely all AMD drivers are uninstalled, without an option for you to choose what should be removed or not. Likewise, if not the company’s products are found, such a feature is reported in the report tool.

If this is the case, the procedure is extremely fast. However, if removal to be performed, the operation may be a little longer, varying with the amount of items (and which drivers are). It is also worth reiterating that changes go into effect after rebooting the computer, it is necessary to achieve it effectively complete the procedure.
Download AMD Clean Uninstall Utility For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

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