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How to Compress 1GB File into 10MB using KGB Archiver

Maybe you have used KGB Archiver, Well it’s a really helpful tool for contracting large files. It may even compress a 1GB file into 10MB, which appears to become impossible, right?

Really no, you are able to totally do this with KGB Archiver. Look at this guide and discover about the best way to highly compress files using KGB Compressor and upload them online to not waste time and internet data (bandwidth).

Moving a number of than a single huge file in one device to a different could be tricky and time-consuming. Even when you utilize Wi-Fi for moving data involving the any two products(Any two much like your PC, Tablet, or Phone), it will require good quality period of time based on quality.

While more often than not, moving data takes pretty a shorter period, however the scenario completely changes whenever we discuss big files (like Movies and Games). One Solution with this issue will be contracting data into extendable like .zip after which uploading then online (for backup). By doing this whenever you’ll need them it is simple to download and uncompress your computer data.

I ought to also mention here that Contracting data has its own pros and cons. While it’s pretty safe to compress files using KGB file archiver, still i do not recommend you to definitely depend positioned on it and each time utilize it in order to save your bandwidth for copying data by highly contracting them.


How to Compress 1GB File into 10MB using KGB Archiver

I believe it’s a awesome trick for anybody to understand that how to compress a Large 1GB file into 10 MB file. It may amaze lots of people. Do you not think so? Well if so, then proceed and browse the guide below about how to compress files highly. The next a part of blog publish teaches you the guide about contracting the information. So an adequate amount of speaking, let’s jump in to the primary guide below.

To begin with, you need to install KGB Archiver in the link pointed out below. After doing that jump to another paragraph.

Download KGB Archiver

Next, you need to open KGB Archiver out of your application menu (Home windows Start Menu for Widows Customers). Within the KGB Window, you will notice options to find the files you need to compress and degree of compression for you to do. With this instance, you need to pick the Greatest Compression level. Yeah, that is going to do the task. Now once you press the compress button your need to wait for quite a while.

As time passes, you will notice your file is going to be compressed to minimum size. Keep in mind that the program has different compression level high, maximum, normal, low, very weak, time of compression is determined by the amount you decide to pursue the compression.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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