Buscapé Free Download

The best comparison shopping service in Latin America now, even more powerful.

Everyone knows you have the application installed on your Buscapé Mobile Smartphone is our best price guarantee and purchase decision. Resources such as barcode readers, display deals on maps, search refinement filters, details and product evaluations as a consumer I became full of powers.

As a great pioneer of digital commerce, Mobile Buscapé innovates again and now also helps you make your purchase. After a simple registration unified *’re capable also to compare prices and decide for the best products, do your shopping with great convenience and safety at major retailers in Brazil **.

Whether sitting on the couch, or even in a store, the Mobile Buscapé various resources, make it your best shopping buddy. There are more than 15,000 stores and 10 million different products to compare, consult and now also buy.

Try it now and become a consumer with super powers!

* Registration unified creation of an account on the secure payment via Bcash (www.bcash.com.br)
** Valid only for stores in Brazil and supported by the system

 Buscapé Free Download

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