Beta Firefox 22.0 Beta 6

Continue Into the Mozilla ride to the release of more and far more new versions of its browser Firefox .

Mozilla with different versions of Firefox opens his arms to both the community of programmers and users who want to check even the cruder versions.

Into this regard download the beta version of the browser for Windows operating techniques: The software is still in an embryonic stage but already guarantees functionality record.

Into The enhancements for JavaScript and for the management of 3D with WebGL the new browser is twenty percent faster than the preceding edition and get to compete with the newest create of Chrome snappy.

Into Amid the alterations manufactured at this stage, Mozilla exhibits the addition, in the desktop model, three new possibilities Do Not Track: “Do Track”, “Do Not Track” and “no preference” to better reflect the decision consumer.

Beta Firefox 22.0 Beta 6

Beta Firefox 22.0 Beta 6

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