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Alcohol 120% Download Free Trial For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

Alcohol 120% – one of the best virtualization software content of optical storage media. The program copes with the overwhelming majority of patronage copy, which is often protected discs that have the ability to carry out the physical characteristics of the disk emulation, thereby creating a complete likeness of the original, even in the most difficult cases.

Generally speaking, the intellectual product does everything that people were not tied directly to the physical storage medium, thereby greatly simplifying the life and work of many. Using the rich functionality of the program Alcohol 120 can be connected to the 31-th virtual drive, which certainly opens up unparalleled opportunities for manipulating data sets. Besides Alcohol 120% developers provided a special lightweight version called Alcohol 52%, which, though a somewhat limited option, but applies, in contrast to the full assembly for free.

All of the above have said not in favor of using the disc itself and its image, its virtual copy, thus prolonging your life as it drives. Secondly, one of the advantages of creating a virtual image is the fact that, for example, if you watch a movie from a disc, you must take into account that the speed of reading data from the disk when viewed from the drive will be somewhat less, so that cinema can sometimes slow down that not palatable.

But if reading data from CD / DVD disc is directly from the hard disk, which is what happens when reading the file from the virtual disk image, such a problem would not arise. And in the end, the use of virtual images is much easier and more practical, to the same and saves time.

Alcohol 120% enables you to create up to 31 th of the virtual CD \ DVD drive. The program can easily cope even with the copy protected discs, game consoles, etc. Alcohol support rather impressive number of popular formats, including: ISO, MDS, BIN / CUE, CDI, BWA and many other formats.

Main Features Of Alcohol 120%

Modern software product, which is Alcohol 120%, great treats and handles all the popular formats of today, including such common ISO and MDF. If we draw a parallel comparison with other utilities, emulators, in terms of features it is unlikely to succeed to find something equivalent.

After downloading Alcohol 120%, you can easily open the already created images, create your own, including creating bootable discs programs yl entire operating systems. Moreover, the functionality of the program provides its holders the tools of virtual objects on the recording laser media. The interface is implemented as a kind of navigator.


Key Features Of Alcohol 120%

  • Create disc copies;
  • emulate and record images;
  • It allows you to use the image as if it were a normal CD-disk drive;
  • removes the copy protection;
  • It supports simultaneous work with 31 virtual drives;
  • It enables direct copying of information from disc to disc;
  • It allows you to protect your images with a password;
  • support the preservation of virtual disk on the server, network, followed by the ability to use their networked computers.
  • searches for image files;
  • conserve battery power if you are using a laptop;
  • It provides faster reading information from the virtual disk.

Advantages Of Alcohol 120%

  • Wide functionality
  • Quality optimization of processes
  • The ability to quickly create an image and burn it
  • It frees the user from the underlying disks

Alcohol 120% Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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