Open Source Software

exPressit Free Download

exPressit is a program for creating CD covers,DVD, Bluray, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, etc.. The application lets you add images to design the cover, add text, and apply editing tools to resize images, orientation, colors, etc.. exPressit is easy to use. At first you can experiment with templates that come with the program, and then […]

HDDScan Free Download

HDDScan is a program that allows you to analyze hard drives and get diagnoses about their condition. Supports all format disk as IDE , SATA and SCSI . Also RAID, external drives, flash drives or pen drives, Firewire, memory cards, flash cards, etc.. HDDScan attributes accessed SMART , and analyzes while reading, writing, reading and erasing the fly disk to complete a full report. Besides analyzing SMART: AAM […]

TrueCrypt – USB Encryption Software To Secure Data In USB

TrueCrypt is a open-source USB encryption or Disk encryption free software, with which you can protect your valuable data on hard disk or usb drive. This is compatible with windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac and Linux systems. Why It is Necessary? The use of portable memory devices and flash drives are very common today. However, […]

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