WeChat For PC – Download To Make Unlimited Calls From PC in 2022

WeChat is a platform that connects billions of people with calls, chats, and more. With WeChat for PC, You can have a conversation with people from anywhere in the world. It is an all-in-one communication app where you can send text messages, can do voice calls or video calls, and send some critical files. It allows you to chat in a group with up to 900 people at a time and in video call up to 9 people.

It is easier to read WeChat as it has been redesigned to be lighter and brighter. The quality of the video call and voice call is superior. You can even use hundreds of stickers, and emojis to express your feelings. All these are free of cost. You don’t have to pay extra for downloading the stickers. Like Messenger and Whatsapp, WeChat is also one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It can be downloaded on android, Mac, iOS, and windows. You can use WeChat on your PC very easily.

Due to the current situation, rapid and efficient communication is a must. It is imperative to stay connected with your friends. WeChat is a simple software with which you can share files, and chat anywhere around the world. The latest version of the app allows you to share documents and files right from computer storage. It does not matter whether your friend is using WeChat on her mobile or PC; she will receive the file instantly.

At present, WeChat is the largest platform in China, which is used by over 1 billion customers. It is also a marketing channel for them. If you live in China, this app does all the work of 5-6 other apps. It can work for social media. It can pay the bills, order you a taxi also. You can also play online games on this app. Like Facebook is banned in China, the Moments section in the app fills in all the gaps of it.

WeChat For PC App Features

File Sharing – The Wechat for PC will allow you to instantly share files, images, or any documents straight from the windows desktop. The person, to whom you send the file, will receive the notification immediately despite using the app on mobile or PC.

Screenshot Tool – Screenshots are beneficial in case you want to explain something. The app features a screenshot tool in which you can further make additional changes.

Group Chat Mentions – When we chat or discuss something in group chats, often, one of your friends misses a message. So, here is this feature by which you can mention someone in the chat, and your friend will receive a special notification regarding your message. In this way, an important announcement can be made.

Message Recall – This feature helps you to recall your message sent within the last 2 minutes. You can’t delete that message after 2 minutes of delivering it.

Scan QR Code – By scanning a QR code, you can add a new friend and have access to a wide range of services and information.

Search Engine – WeChat search engine allows you to search within the app in case of many contacts. You can also search for articles on specific topics in the app.

Other Features

Apart from the above, there are some other features also of this app. You can forward the messages and view sights sent from your contact. When you chat with someone, the conversations are private. Just to preserve that privacy, the interactions on the desktop are only stored on your mobile device. So, when you log off from your desktop, you can still view the entire chat on your mobile.

Things You Can Do With Wechat

  • Send your live or current location to your friends
  • Messaging, voice calls, video calls, voice messaging, stickers
  • Through the Shake and Look around feature, you can find random people on the app
  • Share photos and videos through the moments feed and much more

How to Download and Install on PC- Guide

Using WeChat on PC is a simple task to do. You just need to do a straightforward step- sign in with your mobile number. The other thing you can do is open the mobile app, scan the QR code, and you will be signed in to your WeChat account on the desktop. The process is very straightforward. You just need to have the app signed in on your android. A backup of chats, messages, and file transfers can be created from the “Settings” menu.

After installing the app on the desktop, you will also receive notifications when any of your friends want to connect with you. The benefit of using WeChat on the desktop is that you can send large files without any delay. File transfers are much more useful on PCs. The desktop version of this app has a fantastic screenshot tool also. Cloud storage lets you back up files with ease.


WeChat is an incredible app without any doubt. It is an excellent addition to smartphone apps. It is becoming powerful day by day. If you live in China, this app is the home of all the other apps. You can pay your bills, play online games, find a new buddy, connect as on social media, and book a taxi for you. Apart from these features, you can message, voice calls, video calls, and share files and content anywhere around the world.

You can also link your WeChat account with your debit card. The latest version of the app for iOS has got selfie stickers. You can add the text or the stickers to make your selfie speak all that you cannot. Another new feature for the users is that they can add a line to the message. When you type a message to your friend, sometimes one line is not enough to convey all the meaning. Just to avoid the problem, this feature has come into play. All these changes have been made so that the app is more compatible and easier to use.

WeChat also enables WeRun with which you can count your daily steps and reach your fitness goal. You can keep a record of your steps and also compete with a friend sharing an account on the same app. So, overall, WeChat for pc can be a unique and very nice app in mobile application. Using this, you can manage your contact list and can have privacy from some people to see your moments.