Download Leethax Firefox Extension

How to install

Just like any other extension for Firefox, installing Leethax Firefox Extension is very simple: click on the “Download” button and then on “Install Extension!” on the page that opens.

Then, when a screen with alert information appears, click on “I understand and agree with the above” to accept the license terms. When Firefox asks, authorize the installation and in the next window, click on “Install now”.

Then just close and reopen the browser and the add-on will already be working. But be careful, if “nothing happens” when you try to install the extension, look for the yellow bar at the top of the page.

How to use Leethax Firefox Extension

Using the program is also equally simple: go to the game address and start. Then wait for the game and Leethax to load. Note that a button has been added to the game, click on it and activate the hacks you want.

Tools like Leethax are very useful, especially for gamers who don’t have the time or patience to go through the entire game process, which is usually time consuming. If you want to “UP” your online games, install this add-on for Firefox and have fun.

Download Leethax Firefox Extension