Meet Kevin Sweeney

Who Has Higher IQ Then Einstein and Stephen Hawking

The sole youngster who took the IQ test was Kevin Sweeney, who received the highest score attainable. The 11-year-old youngster outperformed two of the world's most well-known geniuses in terms of IQ. (Images from SWNS)

"It was important for me to start this foundation because it’s rooted in caring for others."

Stephen Hawking

Was Having IQ Of 160


Was also had an IQ of 160

Kevin Sweeney, a young boy, scored in the top 1% of all test takers worldwide.

According to his father, the boy, who is also autistic, has always been intelligent. Given that he sings and plays a variety of instruments, his parents also said that music is his greatest interest.

Sweeney's proud father expressed his hope that the test result will increase his son's self-assurance as he navigates the difficulties of life. He said that the family wishes to give him every chance and help him reach his full potential.

After receiving the best result for a youngster his age, 11 year old Kevin Sweeney has now been admitted to the IQ club. (Credits: Courtesy of SWNS and Eddie Sweeney)