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Do have business and want to do a web conferencing, and wants to invite upto 1000 attendees? Web seminars is becoming one of the effective method to improve your online presence and speak in number of attendees about your products and services. You just need to schedule and set up your web conference, invite people to register the seminar and you are ready to go. Not only this you can send reminder email and set the schedule time to sent it too.

Now you can do this all in a very simple and yet effective manner. You need not need your IT guys to set this up for you. Just signup for 30 days free trial and see the power of web conferencing. Webinar from gotomeeting.com is quite simple Web Conferencing Software which allows users to create and schedule web conferencing, while saving lots of cost doing integrated audio conferencing (via computer and telephone).

It allows number of webinars in a month. The users don’t need to pay for each conference instead pay one small monthly fee. Your conference attendees will be sitting at their home and viewing and listing you at scheduled time. This live-conference seminar hosted via the web is already becoming more popular in market.

Just schedule a meeting with Webinar, the software will create email announcement massage, put in recipients email address and invite them. The software also lets you know who is already seen your email, who is going to attend. And at the time of meeting who is actually in the meeting and from where. This web conferencing software allows upto 1000 attendees at a time.

Give it a go and signup a 30 day trial with Webinar – GoToWebinar

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