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Think of a situation in which you want to create, re-size and merge partitions on your hard drive and that too without doing any damage to your data. Also if you want to try both windows and Linux on your system. Partition Magic helps you in both the situation. This software was basically created by PowerQuest corporation but now owned by Symantec. This software can be run under Microsoft Windows or with the help of bootable CD. You can create, re-size, split, join recover your hard disk (upto 300 GB) without losing any of your precious data. You can even use it for installing second operating system on your PC. It includes various drive management utilities including a secure-erase tool.

Download Partition Magic 8

Partition Magic is capable of resizing NTFS or FAT (16 or 32) without loss of data, and can even copy and move partitions to other hard disks. Other features include conversion from FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS cluster size modification between FAT16/32 and NTFS, and joining adjacent FAT and NTFS systems.

After you install and run this software, How-to wizards guides you how to make partitions, move files, split data with a step by step guide. The latest version of this software has is Norton PartitionMagic 8. It has quite easy and powerful interface. The diagrams in the interface actually displays the of the partitions on each hard drive. The diagrams comes in many colors. With the help of Bootmagic you can switch between different operating systems. This software is free to try.

Download Partition Magic 8.0

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