Open Source Alternative To SharePoint

Open Source Alternative To SharePoint

SharePoint™ is a Microsoft logicode equipment for Enterprise Content Management systems and is a widely among used by companies and individuals worldwide. It is a good product and serves to improve collaboration scenarios, especially where team work is essential and where they handles Microsoft Office™ documents. As this product is also associated with web content management and document management systems. You can also develop web application through SharePoint which will work as a platform for this.

There are ample of things you can do with SharePoint. Hence it is important to know for which reason you need a open source alternative to SharePoint. Also the maintenance, licensing, operating without the need for other Microsoft products, complexity etc. are some other things, one might look for and alternative.

Here are few Open Source Alternative To SharePoint you can use. You can use them for different purposes and need you might have.

1) MindTouch: Evolved from an application “wiki”, It covers all well knowledge based management scenarios, manuals, support. It is very easy to use (essential if you want a collaborative project which does not fall into the oblivion of applications, well-meaning but nobody uses), Web 2.0 style. A very open architecture (XML, REST) ??allows you to make an Intranet very mindtouchflexible. It easy to configure and easy to upgrade and integrate with other web applications. It can be said as the best Open source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus.

You can do Corporate Intranet, make knowledge base, make corporate intranet working and CRM (Customer relationship management) with this open source software.

2) Knowledge Tree and Alfresco: They are very good alternatives if the requirements is for advanced document management. They give check-in and check-out, approval workflows. alfrescoAlfresco has more advanced features but requires more effort for deployment, configuration and customization. Knowledge Tree is implemented faster.

3) Liferay: When it comes to creating a portal, Liferay is a Java technology-based standard “portlets”. liferayIt gives access to multiple applications or functions, access control, custom settings, etc.. Liferay is gaining ground especially in public administration portals.

For publishing documents, Drupal and Joomla would be a better choice, and can be extended very well with plugins provided by its large and active communities.

If your need is to linked to business process management – such as neglect in active projects, then a product like Active Collab would be a better fit. Sharepoint is not like it, but many people try to build things in SharePoint that is about to shoot another out-the-shelf solutions.

Again its upto you that which of these or any other Open Source Alternative To SharePoint would work for you.

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