Google Toolbar For Firefox 5 & 6 – Download And Enable Guide

Google Toolbar For Firefox 5 & 6 – Download And Enable Guide

I know many of us know that Google Toolbar no longer support Firefox 5 and future versions and Firefox has already launched Firefox 6 . Many people has not upgraded Firefox after version 4 just because later version of Firefox does not support Google Toolbar.

Actually Google Toolbar is handy tool for many of online users and also help you manage many things at the same place in your browser. Many things like knowing page-rank of any page, Gmail button, search the web button, translate button, share the web button, translate, autofill etc. make Google Toolbar handy tool to have in your browser. But as the Firefox not support and disable your Google Toolbar in later version how to have it enable in Firefox 5 and high.

Yes there is a way that you can have Google Toolbar For Firefox 5, 6 And upper versions. Just follow his simple steps and you can have it.

1) First download Google Toolbar Add-on from Mozilla Firefox adds-on manager (if you did not have it). If not there how it from here.


2) Without Fear Update your Firefox version to latest. Latest is Firefox 6 till date.

3) Now install Add-on compatibility reporter extension in your Firefox. To enable it you have to restart your browser.

4) Still You won’t see Google Tool In Your Browser, it will say the add-on is incompatible with the newer versions. Don’t bother, Just close all your tabs and browser and restart Firefox. Right click above Your browser and allow Google Toolbar to load. You will now see Google toolbar.

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