Free Small Business Software

Free Small Business Software

Many public enterprises or small businesses do not have enough budget to spend on original office softwares. Many uses operating system like Windows XP for example for this reason. Choosing a pirated software would not be good idea if you are a small or big firm. Why to choose pirated when there are so many open source free small business software available for helping you out.

Many Small businessman looks for free Small business software and hence for this reason we have come up with some software, which can help you you you are small businessman.

1) EZAcct : Good for free accounting and bookkeeping software.

2) Free Accounting : Free Accounting is very simple to use accounting and business management software.

3) TurboCash : TurboCash Accountingis entry level Delphi, Windows Accounting package for single users.

4) PayWindow : An excellent software for handling your payrolls.

5) Lazy8 Ledger : It is a Free, open-source accounting software . Runs on any computer (Windows, Linux, MAC, etc.) which has Java installed.

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