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There are several situations where we don’t know how to manage or organized or clarify our projects? We can perform this task management across the organization by putting on paper or we can use softwares that help or facilitate the work.

Recently several companies started developing software to perform these Management functions. Today as a result of these developments, we have several types of software with different characteristics.

These softwares generally focus on four points that are the focus of a project: objectives, schedule of activities, structure and control and information system. This kind of item found in the software, are included in the interface as different functions, so that one can perform the program with a thought and design it as he want.

GanttProject - free project management software downloads

GanttProject is a visual project planner. By seeing the graphics one can plan all the details, resources, personnel, tasks, activities, calendars, to divide a project creating a tree of tasks assigned to each branch corresponding resources.

The entire project is stored in XML format, which ensures its portability. You can also import projects from MS Project and export your own project to HTML, PDF, spreadsheets or graphics files To PNG and JPG.

Another interesting aspect is that it creates dependencies between tasks, that is part of the project and will not begin until the other party does not end previously indicated task.

GanttProject runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX, it is free and its opensource.

Download Free Project Management Software Downloads – GanttProject

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